Innovation China 2014
Open Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Welcome to Innovation China 2014. Please join us as we bring together China's most innovative business leaders to discover the growing influence of China's technological advancements in IT, Cleantech, Advanced Materials, and Consumer Goods, and what this means for the future of not only China, but also the World.

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“Innovation China” is an annual conference that is focused on innovation and entrepreneurship in China.

The conference acts as a platform for connecting:

  • MNC companies and start-up companies
  • Foreign companies and Chinese companies
  • Start-up companies and investors
  • Government bodies and organizations

The conference’s mission is to foster “Open Innovation” – reaching out of your company’s realm to search for innovation partners and “Open entrepreneurship” – a different type of start-up that from day one is highly connected to partners.
The conference is attended by:

  •  MNC companies interested in and practicing “open innovation”
  •  Start-up companies and entrepreneurs practicing “Open entrepreneurship”
  •  Venture capital and corporate venture investors
  •  Innovation and entrepreneurship experts
  •  Government offices that foster innovation and cross-border collaboration

The Innovation China conference has the following sessions:

  •     Chinese government’s efforts in fostering and financing innovation
  •     Cross-border “open innovation” and “open entrepreneurship”
  •     Innovation landscape in China
  •     Venture capital models in China
  •     Corporate venturing in China
  •     IP and patents
  •     Innovation showcase (selected Chinese or foreign companies who will present to perspective venture capital and corporate strateging investors)



Participating Companies and Institutions (Partial)